Indigenous Communities

Sacred Water Circle:

The Sacred Water Circle and the Water Walkers, led by Indigenous Elders and Knowledge holders, and made up of Indigenous and non- indigenous community members, have devoted their efforts to the protection of water through education, awareness, and multi-sectoral coalition building. They have done so with the broader support of First Nations in the region, post-secondary institutions and NGOs. (


TRACKS is Trent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science, a youth program run through the Indigenous Environmental Studies department of Trent University and under the umbrella of the Kawartha World Issues Centre. TRACKS offers summer camp experiences at Trent University and in First Nations communities during the summer months, as well as community outreach and school outreach activities all year in the Peterborough and surrounding areas. All of our programming is fun, hands-on, experiential, and combines both Indigenous knowledge and scientific principles. To find out more information, please visit: